My initial divorce attorney recommended Heritage Law Office due to extremely high conflict in my case. Ron and Nate were able guide me though a case that could have easily overwhelmed me and other lawyers. Our case included 5 judges/commissioners, countless legal documents, reams of paperwork, the State of Utah Attorney General, various court and police jurisdictions and about 8-10 various opposing attorneys (including a former Attorney General) through the course of 4+ years.
In the end Ron, Nate and Marianne knew the law, the workings of the legal system and me (and my children) as their client and provided a way for justice to work in a case that could have easily gone off course with an inexperienced firm.
I would recommend them without hesitation for their professionalism, prestigious court work and devotion to law.
Jacob G.



They have a good variety of lawyers, caring staff. They really give you the time and care. I recommend Heritage Law Offices.

Cheri H.


Heritage Law, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our family! The choice to use your services made all the difference. We were in trouble, being bullied by my ex-husband after I remarried. He had brought police to our home several times and had served my husband and I with a protective order removing the children from our home. You were organized and efficient and helped us make the right choices from the start. Throughout the ordeal, you had our backs every step of the way. At one point, we found ourselves in a catch 22 where we couldn’t see the children. You acted quickly and got a judge’s order returning the children that day. We are truly appreciative of the way you fought not only for our rights, but for the rights of our children as well. And as with us, our children’s welfare was you’re first and foremost concern. As time went by, we kept documenting and submitting evidence to the court until ours was the only reasonable choice for the children. We got everything we wanted including full custody, past medical expenses, past child support and judgments for legal fees. Heritage Law was worth every cent and the choice to use your services was life changing. We recommend Heritage Law fully, holding nothing back and that is from the heart.

R. & V. Thorn



I am pleased to say, as my custody case wraps up, that I couldn’t be happier with my family lawyer team at Heritage Law. The team is fast, sharp and a pleasure to deal with. They are honest and fair in their billing, quick in collaboration with myself and other parties and have a ton of experience doing this in the area.

By far the best thing I can say about Ron and his team is that they took my case very seriously! I was fighting for my rights as a father, the most important thing in the world for me. Through the various hearings, mediation meetings and other events, Ron dealt with every exchange as seriously as I ever could have myself. I NEVER felt like I was just a client to them and I will always consider the staff at Heritage good friends for doing such an outstanding job. Needless to say, my case turned out well. There are a lot of good things I can say and I can provide my phone number if anyone wants to contact me.

M. Bell


I am so grateful to Ron Wilkinson and his staff for all they have done for my family. I was referred to Ron through therapist who had previously worked with Ron. We came to him with a tough situation. Throughout the process he stood up for me and my kids. In the end the court terminated by ex-spouse rights and my new husband was able to adopt my kids. I highly recommend them for their diligence and willingness to help in any way they can.

M. Roth


I wish to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the legal representation your firm has provided me throughout my divorce. I know that things would have been difficult and the outcome would have been unfair for me and my children if I had not had your firm by my side.

L. Orozco


Ron helped my husband a number of times. We continued to come back to him because we found him very trust-able and very on top of the issues we handed him. The first time was when his ex-wife decided she wanted to move across the country and we attempted to stop that from happening and gaining custody. We were well represented and Ron worked with us so well. Shortly after that we used Ron to take care of an adoption for us. I had been widowed and we wanted my son from my first marriage to be adopted by my husband. This was such a fun “case” for us to work with Ron on. He made it simple and very straight forward and was with us every step of the way.

Ron has represented me in a past credit case that was my late husband responsibility and had been passed on to me with his death. The company kept selling the debt to other creditors and had lost track of information along the way. Ron walked me through the steps of taking care of it and went to court with me to contest it. His help was invaluable and save me time, worry and stress.

Ron has worked with us on the custody issue of husband’s youngest daughter from his first marriage. She had moved in with us and mom was trying to have her come back to live with her and then move her across the country. Ron remembered ALL of our history from the first case he helped with before which was such a relief to not have to try and explain all the messed up past history that is BIG. Ron suggested a wonderful mediator and again, made going through this process as easy as possible and was with us every step of the way, including the happy day when we finally got official custody.

Why did you decide to use our services? We always felt like he had our best interest in mind and was going to bat for us. We have always felt listened to and heard and cared about. We always felt that Ron truly cared about us and the issue at hand. It really helped that we felt that he KNEW us and remembered us between all the years of our services. We originally used his services in 2002 and the last time he helped us with our last custody case was 2012 or 2013 so we have had a long history with trusting your office! We also really appreciated that Ron knows great mediators, evaluators and is on top of who to use in various situations in our case. we don’t know any of that so it was so helpful to have his advice and recommendations on these!

We love Heritage Law Office! You guys have always been honest and upfront in our business dealings and we love feeling cared about in situations where it could have been very clinical. We have recommended friends going through similar situations to your office and would again without hesitation…knowing that they are going to be well taken care of and cared for during the time of dealing with hard life issues!

A. & D. Nielsen


Ron Wilkinson was assigned to my ex-husband and I as our ‘Special Master’ by the court regarding our children. Ron was very professional and fair in regard to the mediation between my ex and I. Also, I felt extremely ‘safe’ knowing that Ron was ‘there’ if I needed assistance. I highly recommend Ron as a caring and competent lawyer.

D. Drinkard


I was referred to Heritage Law Offices by someone I trust. Ron Wilkinson and Nate Shill are great. They helped me through the very difficult process of divorce and custody issues. They negotiated my case in a very strong way but were also diplomatic and able to negotiate a settlement that helped all involved.   I would definitely recommend Ron Wilkinson and Nathan Shill to others. They have the experience, the relationships, and the expertise to truly represent you.



We were introduced to Heritage Law and Ron Wilkinson following a very traumatic incident that left us reeling and our family torn apart. Two things were readily apparent the first time we met:

  1. Ron is a true professional and knows family law frontwards and backwards
  2. He comes at his job with sincere compassion for children and families of all kindsbrandow

Ron has now worked with our family on and off for two years. He is level-headed and systematic in his approach and his staffs are highly competent and easy to work with. He and his team offer their help and their hearts to assist their clients in navigating successfully through heart-wrenching, high conflict situations. He helps us stay focused and has been a vehicle for restoring peace to our family. While there are mountains left to climb in our situation, we go forward, confident that we have the best team working in our behalf. We are so grateful for the changes our family has experienced due to our association with Heritage Law.

L. & J. Brandow




I feel very fortunate to have chosen Heritage Law to represent me in my child custody/divorce case. Ron Wikinson was highly recommended by other attorneys and child advocacy groups as an exceptional family law attorney. When my former spouse aggressively sought full custody of our two children, I thought it would be impossible to avoid a long, costly, high-conflict divorce. Ron’s representation was tenacious and assertive. One of his many strengths is his insight into family dynamics and his ability to mediate with difficult personalities. During our 20+ hours of mediation, Ron persisted until I had attained primary child custody and a fair settlement of support/assets. My bill reflected clear strategy and targeted efforts. The resulting costs were much lower than those of my ex-spouse. Most importantly, our children received the best possible custody arrangement and were spared months of stressful court proceedings. I would recommend Heritage Law to anyone facing a high-conflict divorce with complicated custody issues.

J. Beutler


Heritage Law associates continue to be supportive in their role as a Special Master in my unfortunately highly contentious divorce with children involved.   After unsuccessful and less than satisfactory experiences and outcomes with other Special Masters and law firms, I have finally found an organization which is sensitive and understanding to my needs and those of my children while being readily available to assist with urgent and routine matters.

Counsel and associates are easily accessible and prompt in returning calls and responding to emails. Billing is fair, detailed and reasonable.

Ron Wilkinson brings a unique set of background, training, confidence and experience which makes the unfamiliar and scary aspects of family-based legal proceedings both understandable and even comfortable.

R. Resendes


I’m a dad and Ron got me sole physical and legal custody of my son.

I had been in custody litigation for five years, getting nowhere, and gone through 3 attorneys when I hired Ron at Heritage Law.   Prior to Ron, I was unable to get court orders enforced and was getting less then statutory parent time. Just before hiring Ron, I got engaged and my ex-wife immediately started to file false allegations of abuse, claiming that I had drugged and abused our son. Ron worked very hard on my case and I was able to get me statutory parent time at first, and a year later, I was awarded full sole physical and legal custody of my son. This was a miracle. Many thanks to Ron and his staff.

Michael B.


I retained Rvicon for my divorce after my first attorney stepped away from divorce law to another field. I retained Ron just after mediation was finished and my divorce was almost finished.

My former wife decided to drag it in the courts and it was high intensity and anxiety so when I asked around to see who would replace my former attorney Ron Wilkinson’s name kept coming up. I wanted to make sure it was someone who could handle an intense confrontational spouse that would protect my rights and my time with my kids. Ron was able to deflect the shots with the opposing attorney as well as in court, he seemed to understand the law better than the opposing council in court and we won. I feel like I finally have confidence in my case and that I will not get walked on or be the side getting bullied. I have been fighting for my rights to have time with my kids and Ron has been able to fight for my rights and get results. . His staff is always on top of my case and they know what is going on at all times. If I ask a question they are back with me with an answer.

Anyone that will be going through a hard divorce in front of you I would have Ron Wilkinson on my side because your kids are too important to just have anybody represent you. Retaining Him was the best investment I have made and I wish I would have had his services from the beginning.

V. Cram


First of all I wish to thank you for thinking about me and considering my participation as a testimonial to my experience with your law firm. I came to you for help with creating a Family Trust at the death of my husband. It was a difficult time and a time when I was adjusting to the loss and realizing my life had changed, and I needed to have good sound advice. I found Ron Wilkinson to be very helpful, kind and thoughtful, and I now feel that my affairs are in proper order.   I also decided to change one thing I had forgotten and was given quick service and advice on how to accomplish it. I would recommend Ron Wilkinson to help anyone that is in need of any kind of legal help. I also feel that if I have any legal question, I can call and know that I can get an answer to my questions. I enjoyed him so much I gave him my favorite recipe for fudge and I consider him a friend.

L. Sundquist


When I received Ron’s request to write a testimonial for him, and his offices, I was honored and wanted to help, but hesitant due to the hard period of time Ron’s assistance represented. After some thought, I didn’t think I could not respond to his request.

I first became acquainted with Ron when he was referred by my DCFS case attorney who had been trying to handle a false allegation case, the second time, brought by my ex-wife, in her effort to take custody of our children from me.

To say that Ron’s joining the case saved the day would be an understatement.

What had been headed the wrong way, for nearly a year, with the previous attorney, ended up with the return of 1 of my 3 children to my home and the other 2 placed with my sister since they chose not to return home.

The ordeal lasted several years and I found Ron to be both the most competent of attorneys, and also someone who believed in my case, and me, when many others could/would not. Ron was not only my protection from the runaway state processes, but, I consider him to have become my friend without whom, I am certain, my ex-wife’s improper actions would not have been overcome. He didn’t just save the day, but, he saved my relationship with, at least, one of my children that I would, otherwise, have lost.

All the while, even when other attorneys involved used underhanded and dishonest techniques, Ron remained, always, above that sort of thing and represented me in what I consider to be a very honorable way.

In the end, even the Court agreed, and the state conceded, when the former ordered my ex-wife to repay over $60K in attorney’s fees… something I never expected to see happen, and the latter provided me with a “Nunc Pro Tunc” order (meaning ‘as if it never occurred’) and DCFS’ case against me was found to be wrong with one department even floating to me the possibility of my speaking to the state to help them understand where they, at times, go awry. And, two courts, in the end, even offered me their apologies… a FAR cry from where things began BEFORE Ron was involved!

If the need ever arose, again, and, thank heavens, it never will, Ron would be the FIRST person I would call. And, I would HOPE he would be available to take my case! As far as I am concerned,

Ron, and his offices… while not perfect and not able to win EVERY battle (who is, can be, or does in dealing with such systems?)… ARE the BEST of the BEST and persevere, even though the most difficult of cases, until the WAR is WON!

I owe Ron FAR more than I could ever repay him. Thanks for EVERYTHING, Ron.

J. Barton


I requested legal representation from Heritage Law, specifically Ron Wilkinson, to help me through a divorce and custody battle. I originally reached out to a family friend who was an attorney in the area and asked who she recommended for a great family law attorney, and she said Ron Wilkinson was the best in the state. I found during my very long divorce process that Ron was an extremely strategic thinker, always had my best interest at heart, and definitely produced results a midst challenging circumstances. Ron was amazing during mediation, amazing during court proceedings, and worked well with the opposing counsel to get the best results possible for everyone involved. I genuinely felt like Ron became a friend and someone I trusted completely. He always had my best interest in mind, even when it didn’t benefit him financially. I would absolutely recommend Ron Wilkinson, and the team at Heritage Law, to anyone in need of a fantastic family law attorney.”

T. Hammond


My son was divorced in 2008 and did not protect his rights in the divorce. When his ex-wife decided to move his daughter out of the state it was time to seek help because he was not receiving his rightful visitation and she did not offer even state statute visitation if she moved. It was also time some issues in the divorce where he had not protected himself be addressed. We went to Ron because I have known him a long time through my work in the courts and have seen him do so many good things for his clients. I knew him to be a fighter and wanted the best for my son. Ron has been able to help secure my son’s visitation rights and was able to reverse the mother having sole custody to where my son now has joint custody. Ron’s strength lies in the fact that he has been doing this a long time and knows the court system and the players. Any losses we incurred in this matter were due to weaknesses in the court system not because of his representation. Ron is a fighter and works very hard for his clients.

I appreciate everything you have done. I don’t think we would have the relationship with my daughter that we have had it not been for you. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t had you on our case. Your kindness and generosity in this has been overwhelming.

These types of cases are never easy and highly emotional. Ron was honest and candid when he met with us to help us understand the realities in our case. He has always taken time to talk with us when we had concerns or needed information. I would highly recommend him.

V. Proctor


InHogue 2010, after the death of our daughter, my wife and I sought the services of Heritage Law, Ron Wilkinson in particular, to help us obtain custody of our granddaughter, Mia. Mr. Wilkinson came highly recommended by DCFS as the best child law attorney in the state.

At our initial hearing, we were awarded permanent custody and guardianship and were ordered to provide for supervised visits with Mia’s biological father. I shall attempt to make the narration of this journey as brief as possible, but the course of our case drug on for four years, not from any missteps by Heritage Law, but by the demands of the court that we prove the unfitness of the father. At every hearing, mediation, and a two-day trial, Mr. Wilkinson and his staff were at our side. Our goal had become the termination of parental rights and the right to adopt our granddaughter. It is our opinion that due to the skill, knowledge and preparation of Heritage Law that we prevailed.

On October 15, 2014 we adopted Mia, and even at this hearing, which could easily of been just a quick, dry and formal event, Ron Wilkinson had arranged for our family and friends to attend and briefly speak to the court. We have recommended and will continue to do so that anyone needing legal aid for child custody litigation to seek out Ron Wilkinson and Heritage Law.

M. and M. Hogue


I am a divorced man with 3 children from a previous marriage. Several years ago I found out real fast that my previous spouse had a lot of control in visitation. For a few years I faced a battle every time I wanted to see my kids. My former spouse had sole physical custody and that meant to her that I should never see the kids. I was only allowed to see them every other weekend and every other holiday according to the Utah State statute.

I would try to get my kids after school for a weekday visit and I was prohibited. If I ever asked for an extra hour for a special family event I was maybe given 30 minutes, but I had to do something to make up the time. If my weekend fell on her holiday I would not see the children for an entire month.

I didn’t know anything about the law, but it didn’t seem just that a father that loved his children could simply be eliminated from their lives. I decided that I needed legal help.

I was referred to Ron Wilkinson by a friend who was very pleased with his services. After meeting with Ron, my wife and I felt good about hiring him to handle our case. After talking, negotiating, and mediating with my former spouse and her attorney we now have joint physical custody. We have the children for overnights every single week, extended overnights on weekends, additional weeks during the summer, etc. We have the children with us almost half of the total overnights possible for the year. This has changed the relationship with my children immensely!

I felt like Heritage Law literally had the best interest of my children in mind, which means that a good father and mother should have equal time in rearing the children. Heritage Law was very impressive at using the law in my favor to allow me to get more time with the children.

I would definitely recommend Heritage law to anyone for their professionalism and concern for me and my family.

Thanks Heritage Law!

A. Mecham